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Another Family Adventure is a place for our family of 4 to document our travels and maybe inspire others to explore the world with their kids too. We have 2 elementary school aged daughters who love to travel, but hate airplanes.

Before every trip, I spend hours researching and planning. I pore over hotel websites and airbnb properties. I read guide books, other travel blogs, instagram posts, newspaper articles. I love the trip planning process almost as much as the trip itself.

One day my friend suggested that I turn my trip planning into a business planning trips for other families. I politely declined that idea – most of our trips are to places we’ve never been before. I find restaurants, but I can’t guarantee they’re good. I plan walking tours, but I don’t know if we’ll have to amend them on the fly due to tired legs or time constraints. I wouldn’t feel comfortable laying out an itinerary for someone else without prior experience and knowledge of that destination.

In explaining to her why I wouldn’t plan entire trips for others, I realized that I could at least document our trips. I could share how our trips come together from a planning perspective. I could highlight where we went, what we did, and what we loved.

I could prove that travel with kids is most definitely NOT a vacation, but infinitely more memorable than just a trip – it’s a Family Adventure!

What We Say About Our Adventures

Rome is my favorite city in the world. I will never tire of her energy and beauty.


The ancient ruins were cool. I liked to imagine them during Roman Times.

Big Sis C

I really liked the Colosseum

Lil Sis M

Rome never disappoints.


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